Photos Forwarding has managed over the years to develop good relationships with major commercial airlines, cargo carriers and charters, which in turn have enabled the company to provide a global infrastructure that links Cyprus with almost every major trade route worldwide. Therefore, our current and prospective customers, can be certain for the comprehensive service they will receive for shipments to and from all major airport destinations around the globe. Based on a dedicated network of air and ground services for pick-up and delivery, and flights with consistent transit times to almost all major international destinations, we make sure that your freight is handled professionally, securely, and on time.
When speed is of the essence when you want to ship your goods, then air freight is probably the fastest way to transport your goods worldwide. Our experienced team will be able to advise you of the best option available, in accordance with your time and price criteria.
We offer Worldwide Services based on a long and continuous cooperation with major airlines around the globe, thus having the capability to offer a complete range of air freight solutions including:


Our company offers a wide range of air freight services to meet the requirements of present and prospective customers. These services can be classified in the following categories:
  1. International Services
Premium Air Express service for shipments on basis:
·Door to Door including clearance
·Door to Airport
·Airport to Airport
Normal Air Express Service which is cost effective for:
·Door to Airport
·Airport to Airport
  1. Hazardous Material Services
Photos Forwarding has the capacity to offer its customers all necessary services and documentation in relation to shipments classified as Hazardous Materials. Examples of Hazardous shipments include various pharmaceutical products, flammable products, goods that contain alcohol or other flammable liquid, etc.
  1. Special Cargo
We can make the necessary arrangements to satisfy the special shipping requirements of current and prospect customers. Special cargoes can include live pets (puppies, cats, birds, etc), or shipments that are fragile or need special handling procedures.
Freight costs are calculated by volume and/or weight, and we operate continual services to and from all major airports. Contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss your needs and advise you on what is best for you.