Photos Forwarding can undertake all customs formalities for the quickest clearance of your shipments. We can provide efficient and trouble free customs clearing services for all types of merchandise, both for air freight and sea freight shipments. Our worldwide network of associates & agents ensures timely customs clearance and delivery / collection in the country of destination.
Our company offers a complete set of clearance services to move cargo as swiftly and efficiently as possible through customs. Being the primary intermediary between the customer and Customs, we provide advice and representation to our customers in the processing of all types of transactions relative to Customs brokerage such as:
Acting as a custom broker, Photos Forwarding is licensed to transact customs business on behalf of our customers performing activities relative to the following transactions:
The company’s trained and experienced personnel offers consultation to our clientele about any potential product they are planning to import or export. This way the customer can take the appropriate trade decisions having in mind the extra costs and/or limitations entailed in various product categories. Hazardous and restricted goods are some examples.